The Horace Bushnell Memorial Theatre, Hartford, CT: Traditional gold leaf and gilding on repaired National Historic Landmark dome

John Canning & Co. was chosen to perform work at The Bushnell Theatre, a place commonly referred to by many as a “Connecticut Cultural Treasure.” The work was similar to that of what Canning executed at Waterbury City Hall, and included the restoration of the gilded dome and cupola. The work involved paint removal, sheet metal repairs, caulking & sealing, painting, and gold leaf gilding of the dome.

Location: Hartford, CT

Built: 1930

Original Architect: Firm of Corbett, Harrison and MacMurry

Style: Georgian Revival


Landmark Building

Restoration & Decoration Techniques:

  • Paint Removal
  • Architectural Gilding
  • General Painting
  • Metal Fabrication & Restoration