Cathedral of Saint Patrick, Norwich, CT: New fine art murals and the historically accurate restoration of paint finishes decoration

Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick

For the Cathedral of Saint Patrick, John Canning & Company was commissioned to reinstate the historic decorative scheme and create 22 new mural (16’ x 12’) depicting the life, death and resurrection of Christ. A faux stained glass window series was also created for the Sanctuary. The faux stained glass is completely simulated and created through the use of decorative paint treatments and the reflection of light.


John Canning & Company also conducted a historic paint study to uncover original decorative motifs and colors that would be reinstated, linking the past to the present and future.

Location: Norwich, CT

Built: 1879

Original Architect: James Murphy

Style: Gothic


U.S. Historic District Contributing Property

Planning & Design Services

  • Investigation of historic materials: plaster, woodwork, and paint
  • Scientific & Interpretive analysis
  • Paint exposures
  • Color matching
  • Pattern documentation
  • Construction/Bid drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Renderings
  • Findings Report

Restoration & Decoration Techniques

  • Architectural Gilding
  • Freehand Artwork
  • Trompe l’oeil
  • Stenciling
  • Glazing
  • Striping.
  • Commissioned Art Murals
  • Plaster Repair