Cultural Spaces & National Historic Landmarks Faithfully Preserved and Restored using Traditional Methods & Materials

Many directors and curators view their historic structures as artifacts in their own right and are concerned with the care of their buildings as they are about their institution’s collections of books, fine art, or artifacts. Because of this, Cultural Spaces have different requirements than other buildings when it comes to conservation and restoration. 

John Canning & Company’s passion and deep commitment to knowledge, integrity, and tradition deliver work that meets and exceeds the uncompromising standards of the country’s most revered cultural institutions. Our respect for the visions set forth by an organization’s founders is unparalleled in the industry, and makes us uniquely qualified to solve the problems that curators and directors face every day. 

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Station

The Cosmos Club

cosmos club

Wadsworth Atheneum

Cultural - Wadsworth Athenuem



“Their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and knowledge were key to the success of our project. All of Canning’s staff take great pride, as well they should, in their craft and reputation.” – Rebecca Oetjen, The Culinary Institute of America