Institutions of Higher Education

Landmark Colleges, Universities, and Libraries: Historically Accurate Preservation, Conservation, and Restoration

John Canning & Company has a deep understanding of the specific needs of educational buildings. When board members, community leaders, and prospective students and their parents walk into abuilding, the first impression of tradition and respect is of the utmost importance. 


Canning’s emphasis on accuracy and quality combined with our ability to thoughtfully find solutions for education leaders, is unmatched in the industry making us an ideal partner for higher education institutions and historic libraries throughout the country.


Attention to detail and respect for the rich history that these institutions represent are hallmarks of the Canning philosophy.

University of Virginia


Massachusetts Institute
of Technology

Education - MIT

Yale University

Education - Yale

Culinary Institute
of America


John Canning & Company’s deep respect for historic architecture and interior design enables clients to entrust us with some of the most historic buildings in the U.S.