Radio City Music Hall, NYC: Restoration of metal leafing and traditional glazes applied to this National Historic Landmark

John Canning & Co. was involved in restoring historic Radio City Music Hall back to its original 1932 gilded finishes, including the application of aluminum leaf, Dutch metal leaf, copper leaf, and gold leaf. Over 90,000 square feet of surfaces were gilded throughout the building, which included the Grand Foyer, Orchestra Level, Mezzanine Levels, Basement, and Smokers’ Lounge. Glazing was applied to all gilded surfaces. Other techniques included cleaning, toning, and striping.

Location: New York, NY

Built: 1932

Original Architect: Edward Durell Stone

Style: Art Deco


U.S. National Register of Historic Places

Planning & Design Services

  • Investigation of Historic Materials
  • Scientific & Interpretive Analysis
  • Color matching
  • Paint Exposures
  • Shop Drawings
  • Findings Report


Restoration & Decoration Techniques