San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, CA: Traditional gold leaf and gilding techniques used to restore this National Historic Landmark

This San Francisco City Hall project was part of seismic upgrade involving the re-gilding of all exterior railings, ornamentation on the lanterns and dome (the tallest dome in the United States 361 feet). This work was carried out under extreme weather conditions and difficult working environment. The building was designed by was Arthur Brown Jr., of Bakewell & Brown who patterned the dome after that of the Palace des Invalides, like the West Virginia State Capital Building. Techniques included traditional gliders techniques of gold leaf application. John Canning & Co. was selected as the gilding sub-contractor for the City Hall Dome restoration project. The work included gilding all of the building facade railings and the dome ornamentation. Over 12,000 square feet of gilding was installed.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Built: 1915

Original Architect: Bakewell & Brown

Style: Beaux-Arts


San Francisco Designated Landmark

Restoration & Decoration Techniques: