Dedicated to Impeccable Historic Accuracy

At John Canning & Company, we are just as passionate and precise about plastering as we are about preserving history. With each of the services we offer, our goal remains to keep historic accuracy completely intact and surpass even the highest expectations of our clients. Our track record has shown this to be true across all types of buildings in locations all across the country.

Preservation Research & Discovery

Planning & Design

Services - Planning & Design

Specialty Contracting

Services - Specialty contracting

Conservation & Restoration

Services - Conservation Restoration

Historic Paint Analysis

Services - Historic Paint Study Analysis

National Treasure Preservation

Services - National Landmark

Traditional Decoration Methods & Materials

Traditional Finishes

Services - Traditional Finishes Decorative Finishes

Stone Restoration

Services - Stone Restoration

Wood Restoration

Services - Wood Restoration

Murals & Artwork

Services - Murals Artwork

Architectural & Exterior Gilding

Services - Gilding

Plaster Substrates, Stabilization, & Restoration

Plaster Surveys

Services - Plaster Surveys

Ornamental & Flat Plaster

Services - Plaster


Services - Scagliola

Acoustic Plaster

Services - Acoustic Plaster

Established in 1976, John Canning & Co. has promoted excellence in conservation and restoration for forty years.