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 Extending Our Gratitude

Extending our utmost thanks to all those that have supported our company in these unusual times.

As we move into August, I wanted to take a moment to extend our utmost thanks to all those that have supported our company in these unusual times.  Thank you to the clients that turned to us for their Disinfection, Decontamination & Preventative Cleaning.  Canning started this service in response to the difficult times that Covid-19 virus has brought upon the country to help and do our part while at the same time be able to shift personal to keep busy.

I also need to extend thanks to all our project team members from the owners, contractors, engineers and architects that have helped do their part to be able to maintain active projects.  Whether it be assisting in extra safety measures or providing project modifications so job sites could remain open and everyone could stay safe and keep working, it has not gone unnoticed.  Safety has always been a top priority to our company but we have all come together to take safety to a new level to make sure we do everything possible and necessary so everyone can stay healthy, and safe while working.  It’s a team effort not only to make a project come together but to also make it successful along each stage of the project.  Canning continues to be very fortunate to be surrounded by great team members for the projects we undertake.

The last few months have felt surreal and at times overwhelming, but having the support from all of you has been greatly appreciated by the business, the staff and our families.   It has been remarkable that we have all come together and continue to find ways to push through, make things work and all help each other.   As a restoration contractor with over 40 years’ experience Canning feels blessed to be able to continue to do the work we do in the historic preservation, conservation, restoration, replication and sacred design fields.

In these uncertain times, as we look towards the future, we must all stay strong and continue to work together to do our part.  I look forward to continue to strengthen and build relationships so we can continue to support each other and continue to move forward during this difficult stretch in time and beyond.

Wishing everyone all the best.  Stay safe and healthy.

Extending Our Greatest Gratitude,

David Riccio, PA AIC, RP APT



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