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John Canning & Co.'s Residential Interior Decoration Guide

Residential Interior Decoration Guide:

Decorative Finishes found in High-End Luxury Residential Spaces.

Traditional decorative painting and finishes can enhance all types of architectural spaces including Residential.  From historic revival to contemporary elegance, residential spaces can benefit from decorative elements adding purpose, balance and personal expression. The interior detailing of decorative paint, murals, gilding, ornamental plaster are just some of the decorative finishes that can be used in residential home design, renovations and restorations.

It is our privilege to participate in the restoration, renovation, and conservation of historic residential properties throughout the country as well as assist in enhancing newer residential luxury and high-end homes with decorative elements. This guide will serve as a resource to provide examples of some of our decorative techniques and finishes that we have performed in residential spaces.

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