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We have had the honor to restore historic statehouses across the country, as well as a number of iconic buildings in Washington DC. Among our federal building restoration contracts are the White House, the US Treasury Building, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, and the National Building Museum. 

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John Canning Co.'s faithful restoration of church decoration preserves the history, religious traditions, liturgical iconography, and sacred art of the country’s national landmark buildings for worship. We are experts in sacred decoration, restoration, conservation and creative expression.

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The value of our cultural institutions is found not only in the purpose they serve, but also in the historic buildings themselves. These recognizable landmarks are also gateways – to new places, knowledge, experiences, and camaraderie

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It is our privilege to participate in the renovation of historic properties throughout the country. Working with all periods of decoration, we use traditional methods and materials to conserve and restore original design.

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Museums often have the dual responsibility of protecting and showcasing valuable treasures of cultural and artistic importance within buildings that are, themselves, valuable treasures of cultural and artistic importance. The Canning Co. sees to the integrity of the building's flat and ornamental plaster, wood and stone cleaning and restoration.

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