Exterior Gilding on the West Virginia Capitol Dome

West Virginia Capitol Dome

Gilded domes dot the country, highlighting important landmarks of government, entertainment, worship, and industry.

Throughout history, architectural and exterior gilding techniques have been used to adorn capitol and government buildings, statues, sacred spaces, and other landmarks, to stunning effect. Genuine gold, silver, copper, and other metal leaf materials are used to underscore the significance and beauty of important structures. However, gilded decoration that is exposed to the elements can often wear or become damaged over time, requiring intervention to prevent further loss and to restore a building to its former glory.

With decades of experience throughout the country, John Canning & Co. specializes in traditional gold leaf gilding techniques that are rooted in the timeless heritage of European craftsmanship.

We are well-versed in using traditional oil gilding, as well as other gilding techniques, and the proper preparation and finishing to achieve lasting brilliance.

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