2101 Connecticut Ave.

John Canning & Co. restored and repaired the plaster of this Historic District Building.



Location: Washington, DC
Built: Circa 1928
Original Architect: Joseph Abel and George T. Santmyers
Style: Art Deco/Venetian Gothic
Status: National Historic Landmark



The lobby of 21010 Connecticut Ave. contains low-relief plaster ornamentation of classical scrolls, urns, and floral motifs. Water intrusion cause several areas of damage to the plaster and painted finish. The first phase of the project began in December of 2018 with a plaster survey to document and assess the conditions of the plaster and identify areas of failure. Paint analysis was also provided to identify the historic color scheme for reinstatement.

Over the years, finishes had been overpainted several times to a point where the details throughout the space were lost. Plaster restoration included removal of deteriorating plaster and repairs to the flat and ornamental features. Ornamental plaster was replicated using traditional mold making techniques and reinstalled to integrate with the historic elements. The delicate details were highlighted in metallic finish and glazed to further accentuate the details of the relief. Plaster column capitals throughout the space were woodgrained match the wood shafts below.