Boston Public Library


Over a period of years and phases of historic restoration, Canning Co. used every facet of our extensive architectural arts services and skilled trades to restore multiple areas in the Charles McKim-designed Boston Public Library, including those which house extraordinary murals, compositions, and decoration by Beaux Arts contemporaries Puvis de Chevannes, Edward Austin Abbey, and John Singer Sargent.

Murals by Edward Austin Abbey, Boston Public Library


Historic paint analysis; scientific analysis; restoration & conservation; art mural conservation; decorative painting; decorative finishes; ornamental plaster repair; plaster restoration; architectural gilding & glazes; metal restoration; wood restoration; wood carving

Canning Co. was repeatedly chosen over a period of years and project phases to provide our expertise in analysis, interpretation, and implementation of historic conservation and restoration services in multiple public areas of the McKim building at Boston Public Library.

Bates Hall, Sargent Gallery, Abbey Room, French Room, and the entrance hall – each of these areas presented unique challenges owing to the creativity of artists Edward Austin Abbey, John Singer Sargent, and Puvis de Chevannes, among others, and their innovative use of materials in their decoration schemes. 


Location: Boston, MA
Built: 1895
Original Architect: Charles Follen McKim
Style: Beaux Arts


1999 Massachusetts Historical Commission Award

2001 Harlston Parker Medal, Boston Society of Architects

National Historic Landmark