Cathedral of St. Patrick

Historic paint analysis uncovered the original church decoration which we restored and combined with new commissions for 22 fine art murals and a series of simulated stained glass windows.

Cathedral Of St. Patrick


Historic paint analysis; plaster conditions analysis; design & planning; conservation & restoration; plater restoration; ornamental plaster restoration; decorative painting; decorative finishes; design & painting 22 new, fine-art murals; architectural gilding; glazing;

An interesting challenge was the creation of a triptych for the back wall of the sanctuary that would simulate stained glass windows. Using a variety of gilding, transparent glazes, and metallic paint, our final product illuminates the sanctuary adding visual interest for the congregation and a majestic backdrop to the baldacchino.


Location: Norwich, CT

Built: 1879

Original Architect: James Murphy

Style: Gothic Revival


2014 AGC of CT Industry Recognition Award

2013 CT Trust for Historic Preservation Merit Award

2013 Bulfinch Award, ICAA New England Region