First Church of Christ Scientist

John Canning & Co. was tasked to restore the simulated mosaic while conserving the surrounding original decoration.


Location: Boston, MA
Built: Circa 1920
Original Architect: Franklin I. Welch, Charles Brigham, S.S. Beman
Style: Romanesque Revival Style


The stenciling throughout was carefully documented and each color custom matched. To replicate the simulated mosaic required a multi-step process. Prior to painting, the plaster was built up and layered to simulate tesserae. The simulated mosaic stenciling at the upper walls included as many as 8 separate colors. Where channels were cut in the historic plaster for modernization’s, the decorative paint was seamlessly replicated to match the surrounding historic in texture, color, and sheen. The mosaic treatment at the ceiling was replicated in its entirety. Each quote and gilded letter was originally hand drawn over the coarse plaster walls. The characteristic of each individual letter was documented and replicated using traditional 23K gold leaf and outlined in a deep maroon color to punctuate the brilliance of the leaf.