Hartford Judicial Courthouse

John Canning & Co. was chosen to perform plaster and artistic painting services for the ceilings of the Hartford Judicial Courthouse.


Location: Hartford, CT
Built: Circa 1926-1929
Original Architect: Paul P. Cret and Smith & Bassette
Style: Classical & Art Deco


This project involved work in 2 stairwells, the main lobby and courtroom 200.  The scope included both general and decorative painting as well as plaster stabilization, restoration, and fabrication. Mechanical stabilization of plaster lozenges was required.  30% of the stairwell ceilings had peeling paint that needed to be addressed, which also required some stars to be artistically placed throughout the ceiling field. Various star stencils were used on the ceilings.

For the fabrication, rubber molds were made using pieces from existing decorative plaster grilles.  Additional plaster grilles were then fabricated using these molds to replace damaged & missing grilles and installed onsite.  The grilles were painted and given a “gold effect” using Golden Iridescent Paint.