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Henry Ford - Fair Lane Estate

John Canning & Co. has worked on many spaces within the Henry Ford Estate including a large amount of wood cleaning and conservation.

Henry Ford Estate Stairs


Location: Dearborn, MI
Built: Circa 1915
Original Architect: Joseph N. French, William Van Tine,
Marion Mahony Griffin, Frank Lloyd Wright, Jens Jensen
Style: Baronial, Prairie
Status: National Landmark


John Canning & Co. was contracted by the Henry Ford Estate to perform multiple projects as part of their restoration efforts to return Fair Lane ( Home of Clara & Henry Ford) back to the look and feel of 1919, the time when the Fords had started to settle in to their new home. Most of the scope included cleaning, conservation and restoration of the woodwork for areas of the Fair Lane Estate.

Cleaning of all woodwork in the Dining Room as well as on the first and second levels of the Main Hall were performed. Canning artisans cleaned and restored the woodwork in the Main Hall foyer of the house to include the wood paneling, decorative wood railings, doors, and features. Selective toning and rejuvenate wax finish were performed or restored, as required. The focus of the Dining Room treatment was overall surface cleaning of the woodwork panels, doors, and features; selective toning, where required; re-securing noted wood trim; and rejuvenating and/or restoring the wax finish. The Dining Room also required a faux bois finish being applied to two panels on the south wall and the east return wall.

The Field Room included historic wood restoration and the staining/toning of stone work installed in 1990’s to better match historic field stone.

For the Changing Room project we cleaned, conserved and stabilized the decoratively painted ceiling which has a faux marble panel effect.