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College of Our Lady of the Elms Chapel

The work that John Canning & Co. completed at the College of Our Lady of the Elms Chapel encompassed the conservation of all the decorative finishes throughout the interior. 


Location: Chicopee, Massachusetts
Built: Circa 1929
Original Architect: John Donohue
Style: English Revival


This small college chapel needed cleaning and conservation of traditional decorative elements, including the gilded, vaulted ceiling. 

The faux stone was treated with a cleaning process and in-painted where there were losses or reversed previous failed attempts to restore.

The plaster in the interior was repaired from water damage and time. The delaminating plaster veneers were restored as well as the ribs.

Conservation cleaning of the true stone revealed a match between the faux and true. Cleaning revealed the original colors and purpose of the stone.

The decorative painting including the stencil design and shields depicting different saints were color matched, documented, and conserved, inpainting only where necessary.

To blend the existing HVAC system into the historic interior, plaster patching eliminating border cracks and separation were done so that these systems attract as little attention as possible.