Saint Mary Roman Catholic Church

John Canning Co. installed and augmented the new Gothic Revival interior design scheme that references Catholic liturgy, traditional iconography, and a celebration of Saint Mary.


Historic paint analysis; plaster conditions analysis; planning & design; conservation & restoration; renderings for new mural and decorative painting scheme; building murals, architectural gilding, trompe l'oeil; marbling; woodgraining; ornamental plaster restoration, stabilization, and repair

Over the course of its first century, Saint Mary Roman Catholic Church had three separate, elaborate interior designs. And then, in the 1990s, the Church was painted off-white throughout.

Working with Duncan Stroik Architects, John Canning Co. provided a new decorative scheme that articulates the architecture, reflects a Marian theme and represents the finest historical, traditional liturgical design. The comprehensive project was completed in phases, one of which was the restoration of decoration in the transept, including a new plaster reredos.


Location: Norwalk, CT
Built: 1870
Original Architect: James Murphy
Style: Gothic Revival