Wadsworth Atheneum

Canning Co. master tradesmen performed the plaster restoration, stabilization, repair, reattachment, and ornamental plaster mould and casting in the Grand Hall Gallery at Wadsworth Atheneum


Specialty contracting; restoration & conservation; plaster restoration, stabilization, and replacement; ornamental plaster mould & casting;

The Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut is the oldest, continuously operating, public art museum in the United States. For this project, John Canning Co. focused on badly needed plaster restoration of the interior of the second floor gallery spaces and Grand Hall Gallery. The work included plaster reattachment, patching, consolidation, lathing, casting, and ornamental plaster repairs.


Location: Hartford, CT
Built: 1844
Original Architect: Alexander Jackson Davis and Ithiel Town
Style: Gothic Revival