Experts in historic decoration
restoration, conservation,
and creative expression
in architectural arts

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Information affects decisions.

Decisions affect quality.


Preservation Research
and Professional Services


Traditional Decoration
Methods and Materials


Historic Building Restoration
and Period Interiors


Infinitely curious, driven by perfection

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Beliefs in Action


We believe in collaboration

with owners and architects to determine the course of action that best serves immediate interests and the custodial interests of history.


We believe in doing no harm

and follow the guidelines, ethics, and principals established by the American Institute for Conservation.


We believe in evaluating evidence

in the context of historic decoration conventions and architectural styles.

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We believe in remaining curious

while pursuing conclusive research that can support confident recommendations.

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We believe in science

and evolving technologies which offer valuable resources for achieving preservation excellence.

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We believe in good business

and take pride in producing high quality results within budget and on time.

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