Historic Restoration and Preservation Services

Contracting Services for all stages of historic restoration and conservation projects.


As a specialty architectural arts contractor, John Canning & Co. has built a reputation for innovation in solving difficult design and restoration problems. We combine our knowledge of traditional methods and materials of the past and evaluate emerging technologies of the future that, when combined, can reduce risk when mitigating complex historic interiors and artwork restoration.

We’ve developed unique approaches for exterior stone repair and restoration, plaster reattachment and stabilization, and are known for project management, scheduling, and engineering complex scaffold systems that protect the public and provide access for all trades when buildings must remain operational during restoration.

We provide contracting services for all stages of historic restoration and conservation projects from consulting, pre-construction, project management, construction, and new design.  We also assist with emergency relief and disaster assessments of historic finishes, murals/artwork and decorative elements when the need arises. 

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Case Study

Luzerne County Courthouse

John Canning & Co. conserved and restored all aspects of the courthouse historic fabric: marble, metal, wood, gilding, plaster, paint and artwork.

John Canning & Co.  completed the preservation and restoration of the interior decorative elements and fine art conservation of the rotunda dome, rotunda proper, South lobby and third floor corridors.  This project took place in an active courthouse without closing or delaying any of the day-to-day operations of the courthouse.


Luzerne County Courthouse

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Canning understands materials and specifications, especially traditional materials and techniques, and understands and appreciates the benefits of a truly collaborative effort in design excellence. [WV Capitol Dome]

Elizabeth A. Moss

Frequently Asked Questions

John Canning & Co. has the bonding capacity of up to $4 million for a single contract, and up to $10.5 million aggregate.

John Canning & Co. maintains all the standard insurances including: Commercial General Liability, Contractual Liability, Pollution & Professional Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Employers’ Liability and Automobile Liability.

A sample certificate of insurance can be provided if you have questions on our coverage.  John Canning & Co. can also obtain any additional coverage that a project may require.

John Canning & Co. takes great care in establishing protocols to ensure the safety of workers, staff, and the public, as well as the building or artwork itself. Prior to initiating work, we create a site-specific safety plan for every project that we are involved in.

Our personnel are fully trained and equipped to work in various scenarios that they may encounter on the project site. In addition to their expertise in conservation, preservation, and restoration, our team members are OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certified, CPR certified, lift certified, and RRP and lead certified.

John Canning & Co. has expertise in many trades and is capable of executing most or all tasks associated with a project; however, we are flexible when it comes to managing or working with other trades or partners to bring a project to completion.

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