Restoration Services for all areas of historic restoration projects.

Expertise That Extends Into All Areas Of The Restoration Process

John Canning & Co. is a leader when it comes to architectural restoration.  With over 40 years’ experience, our knowledge and expertise extends into all areas of the architectural restoration process.  We can assist in all areas of your restoration projects from Decorating & Painting Finishes, Wood Restoration, Stone Restoration, Architectural & Exterior Gilding, Ornamental, Flat & Acoustic Plaster and Murals & Art Work.

John Canning & Co.’s commitment is not only to conserving historical works, but also to nurturing the relationships we build along the way. John Canning & Co. is poised to continue delivering both the artistic, business and management expertise for which we are known. 

Restoration Services For Each Stage of a Project





Our Impact Extends Far & Wide

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
Grand Central Station
Mark Twain House & Museum
Cosmo Club
Boston University
San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center
Luzerne County Courthouse
Boston Public Library

Case Study

Pennsylvania State Capitol

John Canning & Co. restored multiple locations in the Pennsylvania State Capitol, a US Historic National Landmark.

Over multiple phases John Canning & Co. has been involved with numerous projects at the Pennsylvania State Capitol that included restoration of ornamental plaster, decorative painting, marble stone restoration, repair and cleaning, metal restoration, historic woodwork repair, carving and refinishing, architectural gilding and mural conservation. Some of the spaces restored include the House Chamber Ante Room, Members Lounge, Vestibule Post Office, House Speaker's Staff Office, House Chamber, and the Governors Ante Room.  The projects were completed over a period of six years.

Phases Of Restoration

Types Of Restoration Trades Performed
Spaces Throughout The Capitol Involved
PA State Capitol
Pennsylvania State Capitol

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Canning has brought an outstanding common sense attitude of accomplishment to their work when many others are lost within myriad complex issues. [PA State Capitol]


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only handle large scale projects?

John Canning & Co. would be glad to be of assistance in projects of any size that our expertise would be of value.  So if you have a small project in mind that you would like to discuss, request a consultation today.

How do we handle cleaning after the restoration?

John Canning & Co. provides a detailed report on all the procedures and steps involved in the restoration as well as information on how to properly clean the restored areas.

Do you offer training in how to maintain finishes?

John Canning & Co. can provide training on how to best maintain the finishes to your facilities and maintenance teams.  We are also available to answer questions and help support you even after the project is complete.

Do you need to see a project in person to be able to quote it?

John Canning & Co. can provide quotes for projects based on photographs, specs and additional information.  Some jobs do require an onsite visit to ensure a complete understanding of the project.  If you are unsure if your project could be quoted from providing detailed information, it is best to request a consultation.

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