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David Riccio

David is a Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC). He currently serves on the board of the Northeast chapter of the Association for Preservation Technology (APT), and is a trustee for the IUPAT: District Council No.11 Health Fund.

David is an integral part of the John Canning Co. He has been a visionary leader for the entire Canning team for more than 20 years.

He is an industry-recognized expert on historic flat and ornamental plaster as well as decorative painting techniques, gilding, and glazing and has developed multiple innovative solutions for complex restoration conditions.

David established Canning’s on-site, historic preservation painting studio, and expanded the company's specialty contracting capabilities so that the Canning standards could be applied to all preservation disciplines and project management pertinent to the historic restoration projects.

His planning and project management skills keep projects on track and on budget. David has overseen large-scale projects such as the Virginia State Capitol, the Pennsylvania State Capitol, Radio City Music Hall, and the War Memorial Opera in San Francisco. Many of the projects that he has been involved in have received national awards.

John Canning

John Canning

John is an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) – the only decorative painter in North America to be so honored. He is also a professional associate of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC).

John is the leading authority in the United States on traditional decorative painting techniques and materials and historic color palettes. He studied in Glasgow, Scotland where he attended the Glasgow Stow College of Building, the Scottish Decorative Trades Institute and the Glasgow School of Art. He earned the prestigious London City & Guilds certificate and served his apprenticeship as a church decorator in U.K.

Restoration architects and preservation leaders rely on John’s experience and often seek his advice on the interpretation of historic, period interiors with complex finish systems such as encaustic and distemper paints, simulated inlaid wood-grain, marbling, trompe l’oeil, architectural grisaille, freehand artwork, and old world gilding and glazing effects.

A champion of education, John continues to share his knowledge of the architectural arts with clients and professionals as a guest lecturer at university graduate preservation programs and by leading decorative finish workshops and professional development presentations.

Dorothea Canning-Hennessey

In addition to making sure everything runs smoothly day-to-day, Dorothea oversees and manages Canning’s safety programs and protocols. Her education in construction management has led to automating the company’s information systems taking advantage of the efficiencies provided by up-to-date technology for managing finances, compliance reporting, and overall customer service.

Because of her experience on large-scale projects, and with multiple federal and state agencies throughout the country, Dorothea has a comprehensive understanding of regulations and reporting requirements, and serves as the company expert in those areas.

Key Team Members

Piotr Wirkijowski

Director of Art

Piotr is a fine artist and architectural designer with over twenty years of experience in the United States and Europe.  As the studio’s Director of Art, he leads the design and execution of all murals and other fine art. 

Kara Waznis

Director of Projects

Kara has been working with John Canning & Company administrating & overseeing the company's various projects from concept through installation. Kara has strong project administration and management experience and was part of the administrative team responsible for the firm’s restoration of many historic buildings, most notably Luzerne County Courthouse.

Yvette Dudac

Director of Business Development

With over 20 years of experience in the areas of sales management, product management, customer support, design, integration and marketing, Yvette brings a wide range of talents and expertise to her role at John Canning & Co.  She continues to work toward the continuous growth and reach of the company.

Grace VH Moran

Director of Canning Liturgical Arts

Grace joined the John Canning & Co. team as the Director of Canning Liturgical Arts with a focused interest in restoring beauty to America’s sacred buildings. As a natural progression of her own interests, Grace is dedicated to preserving and beautifying sacred buildings so that everyone might experience the wonder of that which is truly beautiful.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” -Winston Churchill

Marcie Clifford


Marcie graduated from the Pennsylvania State University, majoring in Integrative Design with a focus on graphic design in Architectural Studies, and Art History.

Since coming to John Canning & Co., she has worked in the field as an artisan, a project manager and currently is focused on estimating of all projects.

David Gough

Project Manager          

David has over twenty five years experience as a project manager and craftsman with a proven track record developing, estimating, and executing high quality architectural and restoration projects for public, private, and commercial clients. David has successfully managed historic preservation projects across the U.S.

Jacqueline Canning Riccio

Studio Production Manager

Over 20 years' experience in the field of historic paint decoration.  Jacqueline uses her expertise to manage all the studio decorative art and design work and is a vital component in making sure we achieve our goal of perfecting preservation.  She formed part of the team responsible for the restoration of the Connecticut State Capitol, Rhode Island State Capitol, Pennsylvania State Capitol, the Michigan State Capitol and many other projects. 

Rachel Rodrigues Gilberti

Fine Arts Conservator /  Project Manager

Rachel has studied in Italy at the Studio Arts Center International and has worked on multi-million dollar projects such as Cathedrals, Theaters, Synagogues, Government Buildings, Museums, and Convents, as well as, smaller chapels, hotels and individuals works. Most of these projects were located in high visibility areas in New York City, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and other locations throughout the United States, Brazil, and Italy.

Michael Nelson

Lead Decorative Painter

Michael has more than a decade’s experience in the field of construction with emphasis on historic restoration, and is proficient in all techniques of the decorative painting. Michael’s project experience includes daily onsite supervision of large scale restoration projects. 

Ayman Alkhwiled

Conservation Technician &  Specialty Plasterer/Masoner

Ayman has many years of experience in the field of plaster, and has been working with John Canning & Co. During this time he has contributed to many successful projects in many historical buildings, most notably at Yale University.

Mark Stoner

Decorative Artist & Project Supervisor/Foreman

Mark has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry with emphasis on historic properties. Mark has been with John Canning & Co.  and is part of the team responsible for the firm’s New England based preservation projects. Mark is the site Supervisor/Foreman responsible for day to day operation in the field.

Ethan Minkema

Conservation Technician

Ethan has been part of the John Canning team on historic properties. Ethan is an experienced carpenter who is familiar with every aspect of fabrication & assembly to include metal, wood, and acrylic. Ethan is also an experienced sculptor, with great experience in steel and metal preparation.

Zoe Riccio

Studio Production

Zoe following in the family footsteps has been assisting in various aspects of the ins and outs of the studio production at John Canning & Co.  While she is assisting in the studio production, she continues to gain knowledge of the decorative arts and expand her talents.

Melissa Brink

Social Media Coordinator/Marketing Assistant

As a communications and marketing major, Melissa has been a nice addition to the John Canning & Co. team.  She is responsible for managing the company's social media platforms while assisting with the  marketing side of things for both John Canning & Co. and Canning Liturgical Arts.

Ines Kearney

Project Administrator

Ines brings a background of business studies and administrator to her role in helping make all our projects run smoothly. Her proven track record of operations oversight experience and organization management are a great asset to the company.