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John Canning & Co. is a registered provider with the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System (AIACES).

We provide this service for architects and contractors and can offer learning presentations either in person or through a webinar.




Restoration & Preservation through investigation

Each preservation project has two questions: What do we have? and What should we do with it?

Through 2 project case studies we will evaluate the use of a historic paint investigation and plaster survey and how, through the investigative process, the restoration of decorative finishes and the preservation of original plaster surfaces were implemented.


traditional paints: 1800 through 1960

This presentation will focus on traditional paints used in the painting and decorating industry from the 1800s to the 1960s, and also the rudiments of paint chemistry and the way tradesmen of this period mixed and manipulated the rations to suit a particular application or decorative treatment.

catholic monogram

Sacred architecture & decoration: the importance of color & ornamentation

This course explores the importance of the decorative arts in churches old and new. Beginning with a brief history of the relationship between architecture and design, the program will expound on the importance of the two art forms functioning together in fitness, proportion, and harmony with Owen Jones’s The Grammar of Ornament as a foundation. The complexity of beauty reaches beyond what is simply pleasing to the eye and demands all parts to function as one, in seamless harmony: the architecture with the design, color, lighting, etc.


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