Our Work

John Canning & Co. is Dedicated to Authenticity in Preservation, Restoration, and Creation of Period Decoration and Historic Architectural Arts

It has been our honor to work on some of the nation’s most recognizable civic landmarks, historic churches, museums, universities, and classic theaters. Our respect for preserving historic integrity and close attention to detail sets our work apart in the architectural arts restoration world. Here is a selection from more than 40 years of perfecting preservation.

Historic restoration of state houses, federal landmarks, and municipal buildings preserves the country’s most extraordinary examples of historic interiors.

Restoration of church decoration preserves the history, religious traditions, liturgical iconography, and sacred art of the country’s buildings for worship.

Our passion for, and commitment to integrity, and tradition in restoration and preservation techniques are the basis of our historical restoration solutions.

The people responsible for the upkeep of campus buildings appreciate John Canning’s emphasis on accuracy, quality, and ability to work within their budgets.

Preserving entertainment venues for today’s performers provides the opportunity to preserve the architectural embodiment of the entertainment history.

Exterior Gilding

Our team specializes in traditional historical gold leaf gilding techniques that are rooted in the timeless heritage of European craftsmanship.

High-End Residential

We are privileged to have the chance to participate in the renovation of historic properties throughout the country using traditional methods and materials.


We have had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing historic museum buildings to help preserve the cultural artifacts and original design.