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Your Guide to Historic Woodwork Restoration, Repair, and Replication


Woodwork has been utilized throughout history as a useful and beautiful architectural feature which provides a strong foundation and elegant décor throughout any building. Wood’s use in architecture has varied due to the style of the era and the type of wood available. Through analyzing and understanding the material, we are able to glance into the past and discover antiquated traditions.
It is therefore necessary to maintain and conserve the original woodwork and designs of historic architecture so as to respect and appreciate past craftsmanship. Conserving, restoring, and repairing historic woodwork requires an experienced and skilled conservator who understands the different species and components of wood and how they relate to a building interior.

With this guide you will be able to better understand:

  • Common problems in woodwork.
  • The difference between conservation, restoration, repair, and replication.
  • Woodwork investigation.
  • Steps for woodwork restoration.
  • Steps for woodwork repair.
  • Steps for woodwork replication.
  • Maintaining woodwork.
  • When to call a restoration contractor.
  • What to look for in a specialty restoration contractor.


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