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Stone Restoration Guide- Resource

A Guide to Stone Restoration

A Guide to Understanding the Restoration Process, Stone Characteristics & Expertise Needed

Stone preservation is an important process in the beautification of historic and modern architecture. Whether the stone is naturally mined or artificially produced, it adds a level of elegance and detail to every building. While certain preservation methods like cleaning can be utilized by the owner, it is usually important and necessary for the proper restoration of the stone to hire professional conservators. The restoration of stone requires trained hands with an understanding of the different components of stone, its strengths, and weaknesses.

With this guide you gain an understanding about:

  • Characteristics of Stone.
  • Popular Types of Historic Stone.
  • Evaluation & Analysis of Historic Stone.
  • Overview of the Process of Historic Stone Restoration.
  • Stone Maintenance.
  • When to Look for a Contractor and the Questions to Ask.

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