St. John the Evangelist

Canning Co. restored exquisite decorative painting and murals that had been painted over decades earlier, and revealed with historic paint analysis and exposures


Historic paint analysis; plaster conditions; conservation & restoration; decorative painting; gilding and glazing; ornamental plaster restoration, stabilization, & repair; stone cleaning & conservation

Overpainted complex decoration and fine-art murals were exposed conserved and reinstated using traditional methods and matrials. Twenty-eight murals by Francis Mueller, a frequent collaborator of both this architect and contemporary Patrick Keely, were painstakingly restored to the artist's original style and intent.

The intricately carved marble high altars and side altars were successfully cleaned and conserved to remove decades of grime, dirt, and over-varnishing.


Location: Clinton, MA
Built: 1886
Original Architect: Patrick Ford
Style: Gothic Revival