John Canning & Co.'s Team Spotlight


Rachel Gilberti

Raquel Gilberti

We are proud to spotlight our very skilled Fine Arts Conservator, Rachel Gilberti, AIC.  Fine Arts conservation entails the care, protection, cleaning, and repair of a wide range of materials and decorative techniques.  Rachel’s areas of expertise include large scale murals on canvas, plaster, wood, and frescoes, as well as, easel paintings on canvas and wood, polychromed wooden sculptures, gilded frames and more. She is also an accomplished decorative painter and artist. Rachel has been an integral member of the Canning team for what is approaching ten years; she continues to enrich her skillset with every historical restoration, conservation, and preservation project.  We are honored to have Rachel on our team and put her in the spotlight to share more about her. “ She has become a wonderful leader and mentor for many of the staff, and has become part of the Canning family.” David Riccio, President.

How did you get started in the field?

I became interested in fine art conservation when I went to Italy for the first time.  To me it was a way to work with art and at the same time be assured to be financially stable. I fell in love with all the process and the ability to bring something beautiful back to life.

Raquel Gilberti Fine art conservation
Fine art conservation studio work in progress

What does a typical day look like?

I find that there really isn’t a typical day. Every day brings its new challenges and discoveries, but overall, just getting to see great works of art from all over the country up close and personal is what is the common theme.

Grant County Courthouse (Left); Washington Union Station Legionnaire Statue Conservation & Restoration (Right)

Do you have any favorite projects  you've worked on?

I have many favorite projects. As I previously stated, what makes it fun for me are the challenges. The more difficult the better. It makes the transformation that much more fantastic.  Also, the variety of processes and techniques I get to use makes it more entertaining and fun to work on. Some of my favorite projects with Canning were the Luzerne County Courthouse and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, both in PA.

Basilica of Sacred Heart of Jesus (Left); Luzerne County Courthouse (Right)

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is seeing the final transformation.  Seeing that scaffold come down and seeing for the first time the overall final effect and reactions.  Seeing something go from all sorts of degrees of disrepair to pristine and beautiful again. 

Rachel Gilberti
Taking a break, looking up at the restoration work in progress at Luzerne County Courthouse.
Rotunda measuring 100 feet from floor to base of dome and dome measuring 24ft high from base to top.
A look up at the Luzerne County Courthouse Rotunda after restoration.