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Christ Chapel, Hillsdale College

John Canning & Co.'s scope of work in Christ Chapel at Hillsdale College largely entailed faux finishes and gilding.

Christ Chapel Overview


Location: Hillsdale, MI
Built: 2019
Original Architect: Duncan G. Stroik
Style: Classical


Christ Chapel Columns
Christ Chapel Limestone
Christ Chapel Limestone
Christ Chapel Entrance
Christ Chapel Entrance
Christ Chapel Gold Memoria
Christ Chapel Motif
Christ Chapel Plaster
Christ Chapel Woodgraining
Christ Chapel Interior
Christ Chapel Unique View
Christ Chapel Organ
Christ Chapel Panels

The task at Hillsdale College’s Christ Chapel for Canning’s scope of the work largely entailed faux finishes and gilding. The cast plaster entablature that sit atop the magnificent limestone columns are treated to simulate the same limestone as the column. The intimate relationship of the column to the entablature required careful attention to perfecting the faux finish since the faux appears directly connected to the true material. Four cast plaster reliefs of the Evangelists and two of different symbolism were also treated with the same limestone effect. At the rear of the chapel, panels bearing classical motifs were woodgrained to match the surrounding true wood in the choir loft and framing. Canning also provided gilded lettering in several locations throughout the chapel both interior and exterior.


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