Lyon County Courthouse

John Canning & Co. was contracted to protect, remove and store four murals from the north, south, east and west walls of the rotunda in the Lyon County Courthouse, IA. 


Location: Rock Rapids, IA
Built: Circa 1916
Original Architect: Joseph Schwartz
Style: Beaux-Arts
Status: National Landmark


The courthouse was completed in 1917.  It was designed in the Beaux-Arts style by Sioux Falls architect Joseph Schwartz.  The murals were completed by William Peaco and depicted scenes that were historically significant to the settlement of the area. The removal of the murals was deemed prudent because the rotunda is scheduled to undergo extensive structural renovations both within and outside of the building. The conditions of the murals were assessed and documented. A protection plan was developed to stabilize the historic paint and protect the finishes during removal and storage. Upon completion of the larger construction project, the murals were conserved and reinstalled.