Planning & Design

Historic Restoration Planning & Design primarily refers to our careful planning results in sequencing our work with other trades to deliver the project within budget and on time.

It also includes the creation of architectural murals, furnishings, and new period decoration for landmarks and other interiors.

In situ mockups of original decoration can be the first step to overall client approval, and also serve as a vehicle for fundraising when appropriate.



Our team was asked to assist with the design of a new mural of a shallow dome in the new visitor plaza, located below the Constitution exhibit hall.

We were able to uncovered original colors, patterns, and finishes to conserve 24 murals while restoring Stations of the Cross and the scagliola columns.

We carefully installed the new Gothic Revival interior design that references Catholic liturgy, traditional iconography, and celebration of Saint Mary.

Our team provided historic restoration of ornamental plaster and decorative painting, new murals, and design that reflects the Catholic liturgy.