Connecticut State Capitol


John Canning Co. comprehensive restoration of Aesthetic period decoration designed by Richard M. Upjohn and William McPherson in 1878


Historic paint analysis; plaster conditions analysis; conservation & restoration; decorative painting; trompe l'oeil; gilding and glazing; mural conservation; ornamental plaster restoration, stabilization, repair; wood restoration

The Connecticut State Capitol project was a total restoration of the Richard Mitchell Upjohn building with  an interior designed and executed by William McPherson. The Connecticut State Capitol has a pure design, one that is consistent and in harmony. The decoration is of the Aesthetic period with two dimensional, rigidly symmetrical flowers and leaves with Mid Eastern and Japanese influence.

Working with the owner, historic architect, and paint conservator, windows were opened to expose original designs and color schemes. Areas restored include the House of Representatives, Senate Chambers, Hall of Flags, Judiciary room, Atriums, Dome, Statue of Genius, and Public Spaces. 


Location: Hartford, CT
Built: 1878
Original Architect: Richard M. Upjohn
Style: Aesthetic, Eastlake Movement