45th Anniversary Retrospective

JCC 45th Anniversary

This year marks 45 years since the start of the Canning company.  During that time, we have been entrusted with restoring state capitol buildings and landmark courthouses, churches, libraries, museums, theaters, and more.  We have been privileged to work on some of the nation’s most visible and important historic buildings finishes that included plaster restoration, decorative finishes, murals, gilding, historic woodwork, and stone. Throughout this year we will celebrate the past 45 years by sharing stories, project highlights and much more as we look back on the journey traveled so far.

We will continue to share and expand this page throughout the year, so check back often.

Behind the Scenes

John Canning – The Man Who Started It All 45 Years Ago.

In January 1976, John Canning founded his own company and has since become a leading authority in the United States on traditional decorative painting techniques and materials and historic color palettes.  Read More.


John Meets the Queen

We don’t have a great picture of it but John Canning did get to meet the Queen.  Flash back to 2007, for the Virginia State Capitol project.  For this project we were responsible for decorative painting and gilding in the Chamber of the House of Delegates, Senate Chamber and the Rotunda.  As a result of being involved in this project we got invited to “Virginia’s Royal Welcome”.  As a guest of the Governor, John was able to participate in this historic event and see her Majesty up close before she addressed the General Assembly on the Capitol Square.

Project Highlights

Grand Central Terminal- Sky Mural

John Canning & Co. is proud to have played an integral role in the award-winning restoration of Grand Central Station’s iconic ceiling.

In our forty-five year history, we have had the privilege of working on the most iconic US landmark buildings. The Sky Mural restoration at Grand Central Terminal is perhaps the quintessential example of conservation in its purest form. By fine-tuning conservation-quality cleaning agents we were able to methodically clean the mural and remove the decades of dirt without harming the mural. I think it still holds that it is the only project we have done that involved the use of  “kiddie pools”. You can read more about that and other interesting facts in Inside The Sky Mural Restoration at Grand Central Terminal blog.

Grand Central Snip

Fun Facts

What flower is used in the John Canning & Co. Logo?

The Thistle Flower is designed into part of the Canning ‘C’ logo.  The Scottish thistle is Scotland’s national flower, the country that John Canning is from.  Scotland is were John Canning was raised as well as where he studied and did his apprenticeship in the traditional decorative painting techniques, materials and historic color palettes that has helped make him the historic finishes and preservation specialist he is today.

Scottish thistle flower incorpated into logo design


Do you have a Canning story?

We would love to hear from any of our team members (owners, contractors, engineers, architects) that we have had the pleasure to work with over the years. If you have a story, favorite memory or something that you want to share, feel free to send us an email.